Coming back with a bang!

Welcome back to Brunettable! I could go on with a classic, I got lost amidst daily life, so much has been going on, life got in the way, but really don’t want to. That’s not me anymore. But in reality, yes, my life has taken a 180°, I finally quit my comfort zone a fewContinue reading “Coming back with a bang!”

A Wasteless Christmas

Welcome back for a new Blogmas post! If you haven’t heard it enough from me already, 2020 has definitely been tough, but it’s given me so much time to reflect on my behaviour as a consumer. I am still far from being a role model and my purchasing tendencies still need a lot of improvement.Continue reading “A Wasteless Christmas”

Not another Christmas gift guide

This time of year is the best for some, and if you’re anything like me, it’s a hella confusing time. I love giving gifts, and shopping for others, I’m trying to make a career out of it! However, personally, when I get asked the torrid question of what I would like for Christmas this year,Continue reading “Not another Christmas gift guide”