Coming back with a bang!

Welcome back to Brunettable! I could go on with a classic, I got lost amidst daily life, so much has been going on, life got in the way, but really don’t want to. That’s not me anymore. But in reality, yes, my life has taken a 180°, I finally quit my comfort zone a fewContinue reading “Coming back with a bang!”

Five Goals for the Next Year

Hello Day 8! Slight throwback to the beginning of 2020 here, however we all know things are taking it easy right now, and things are not happening as quickly as I would like them to be. I have made a short list of my priorities for this year, now let’s see how making them happenContinue reading “Five Goals for the Next Year”

Where I see myself in 10 years

My 10 year plan is still so so rough, but I have a general idea. The post is a rather short one, but that’s because knowing more or less what I want helps 😂 I have and always will have, a grand love for fashion. Ideally in 10 years time, I’d be extremely proud ifContinue reading “Where I see myself in 10 years”

Brunettable Launch – Happy 2020 !

Welcome to my new blog, Brunettable – my attempt to show you how much of a relatable brunette I am. Yeah, I realise, that word doesn’t really mean anything, it’s my attempt of being funny. A blog is something I’ve always aspired to write, but never really committed to 100%. Yeah, now you must beContinue reading “Brunettable Launch – Happy 2020 !”