Coming back with a bang!

Welcome back to Brunettable! I could go on with a classic, I got lost amidst daily life, so much has been going on, life got in the way, but really don’t want to. That’s not me anymore. But in reality, yes, my life has taken a 180°, I finally quit my comfort zone a fewContinue reading “Coming back with a bang!”

Hello June !

This month, inspired by Blogging Her Way’s June blog post ideas, I have decided to share with you some summer content (FINALLY!!!). The weather has been great, but truth is, summer has not yet officially started, and for those of you who know me, you know I absolutely love summer, the sun, beaches, pools, andContinue reading “Hello June !”

Advice for starting your career in fashion

… from the perspective of someone who is still very far from achieving their goals! Fashion is a vast industry, with many many career possibilities. If you are more creative you will most likely be more attracted to fashion design, illustration, other creative roles, or if you’re more like me, you prefer more concrete jobsContinue reading “Advice for starting your career in fashion”

The meaning behind my blog name

When brainstorming for my blog, I had many things in mind, however, finding a one of a kind name, that would stand out, was a mission. It came to me all of a sudden, like in a cartoon, I had a lightbulb switch on above my head. Once I had the name, I started gettingContinue reading “The meaning behind my blog name”

Five Goals for the Next Year

Hello Day 8! Slight throwback to the beginning of 2020 here, however we all know things are taking it easy right now, and things are not happening as quickly as I would like them to be. I have made a short list of my priorities for this year, now let’s see how making them happenContinue reading “Five Goals for the Next Year”

Three People I am Grateful For

The past few days this challenge has been making me an emotional wreck. It’s day 7 now, and I am meant to write about three people I am grateful for. Clearly, that is not enough. I cant choose, and this is in no order of preference, for real. I am attempting to approach this withContinue reading “Three People I am Grateful For”

A Letter to My Teenage Self…

Dear 16-year-old Natalie, stop being so stupid. You’ll one day look back at these days with regret… you think you’re doing things right but you’re really not. Focusing on the things you’re preoccupied by now, are simply NOT worth your time. Some of your friends, are backstabbing pieces of shit, that are not worth yourContinue reading “A Letter to My Teenage Self…”


Day 5: A motivational quote and what it means to you. It’s simple, just, “No Bad Days”. Technically not a quote, but it’s my motto ever since lockdown, even have it set as my phone wallpaper. What it means to me? It’s a reminder that I am able to achieve anything any day, even onContinue reading “NO BAD DAYS”

My Opinion on Post-Coronavirus Travelling

Day 4 of the 30-day challenge requires me to write about an opinion on a recent news story. I opened up the News app on my phone whilst in the bath this morning, and the first post, kind of like a sign, appeared to be: ” ‘Four-hour wait to board flights’ after coronavirus pandemic”, byContinue reading “My Opinion on Post-Coronavirus Travelling”